Gymnasts of the 2014 World Championships → Larisa Iordache (requested by tumbling-for-the-golden-fleece)

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Gymnasts of the 2014 World Championships → Huang Huidan (requested by aurelia-dobre, credit for the quote goes to 16-233 )

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Aly Raisman - requested by mypinkice and ilanchik20 (insp x )

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alyssa baumann | 2014 worlds podium training

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Nanning 2014 AA final: U.S. girls on uneven bars

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“Success comes from your support, and I have a very strong support system thanks to my parents and my coaches, and I think that’s helped along the way with me not getting distracted with all the changes and everything. They helped me realize that it ‘s not over.”

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Team USA claims the gold medal in the women's team final at the 2014 Artistic World Championships in Nanning.
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Aliya Mustafina during the 2014 Artistic Gymnastics Championships

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Simone Biles - Adorable Gymnasts 13/

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