Young Love (McKyla) One Shot

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"You don’t understand me!" Kyla screamed at her girlfriend, McKayla. McKayla’s forehead shined with a sweat sheen. Their date had been a hot mess, to say the least. After a year of cute moments and being good to each other, it turned  to this. Nothing was going right and McKayla was tired of it. She was tired of Kyla always fighting with her. After being friends for so long and dating for a long amount of time, she wanted out. That was the worst.

"Kyla, please, just listen -" McKayla started, her auburn hair covering her hazel eyes from Kyla’s angry expression. Fighting was too much.

Kyla broke the glass of water. “Mack, just leave!”

McKayla grabbed Kyla’s wrist. “I can’t let you go this easily.”

"I want you to."

Kyla’s eyes brimmed with tears. McKayla’s grip tightened on her arm. “Don’t make me leave. We can really work this out, Kyla. Just tell me what’s wrong, ok?”

Kyla sat down on the chair with her head in her hands. Her heart was racing. How was she supposed to McKayla all of this? They were too young for anything. Too young to be called serious. Too young to marry. Too young to seal the deal, basically. What could happen in the next few years, Kyla wasn’t sure of. She hated not knowing. She hated knowing that she could lose McKayla to anything and anyone.

"I -"

"Take it easy," McKayla said.

"I don’t want to lose you," Kyla poured out.

McKayla rubbed Kyla’s back soothingly. “You’ll never lose me.”

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